There are some pleasant country walks, selected by local Ramblers volunteer and MARPA member Roger Wolfe, which link each of the stations above. To view details of the walks, just click on any of the orange station indicators. The maps take the form of ‘walk ahead’ annotated route diagrams compiled from surveys made on site. Where the route is obvious, e.g. along surfaced roads or well-defined paths and tracks, little or no detail is given, but in places where the route is less clear more detail is shown and the scale may be enlarged. Our trifold A4 leaflets, giving more detailed information about each of the 14 walks, are available in PDF format.

Distances and direction (shown by north arrows) are only approximate. Time allowances are based on an average walking speed of 2 mph. It is assumed that users have basic map reading skills. It is strongly recommended that the relevant Ordnance Survey Explorer maps are used in conjunction with the diagrams, not only as the best possible aid to route finding, but also as a means of understanding the topography and history of the surrounding countryside. Please visit

The walks have been selected to provide reasonable directness, variety of landscape, local historical and environmental interest and a largely traffic-free environment. Roger Wolfe has also compiled a series of walks linked to the East Suffolk Line from Ipswich to Lowestoft and these can be viewed at

A new website featuring our walks, alongside many others, is now available . . . The site features many more walks from railway stations and is divided into 12 regional sections where you can view an amazing number of different walks.

This site is well worth a visit!

Some advice to walkers

This advice is given in good faith but neither the publishers nor the compiler of the walks accepts any responsibility for any errors, omissions or changes to the information given.